Association des Paysagistes Professionnels du Québec

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Why choose an APPQ Certified Landscaper

Experience more value, less risk, higher quality results, proven expertise and lasting peace of mind

An APPQ certified landscaper will:

  • listen to your needs.
  • provide you with a signed contract.
  • give you guarantees (one year on all plantings and two years on inert materials and workman ship).
  • respect landscaping standards (BNQ).
  • create durable outdoor living spaces.
  • respect an ethical code.

The APPQ is the only organization in Quebec that performs due diligence, evaluates and certifies professional landscapers based on levels of competency, reliability, service, business practices, guarantees and client satisfaction across all facets of landscaping. Our thorough evaluation and certification program ensures that each of our members is fully capable of delivering industry-leading quality and value for your landscaping investment.

If you have a complaint about guarantees, APPQ offers independent arbitration and mediation to give you recourse. 

You will find the list of our members, grouped by region, by clicking here.